"I’m doing exercise only because I have rebless"

Ms. Song (43) 

I have trauma in rehab as I have numbness in my feet. The doctors told me that I had to keep walking and exercising, so I did as the doctor told me, not knowing that my feet were hurt. I tried to walk and exercise on my own,

but I always got hurt my feet because I couldn't feel them. Every time I forced myself to exercise, I hurt my feet without knowing it. So I ended up having a trauma about exercising on my own.

rebless is the only rehabilitation tool that helped me overcome that trauma. I don’t have to fear for injury due to the pads attached on rebless. It surrounds my feet softly and safely.

"rebless is my savior"

Mr. Kim (77)

I wanted to get proper treatment at the

hospital, but it was expensive and it was not easy to be there to get treatment. I couldn’t do anything without a cane.

rebless allows me to do rehab exercise every day at any time I want. Originally, I was able to move my knee only by 27 degrees, but now it's 55. Now, I can walk around without a cane.

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