What is De Quervain’s syndrome (tenosynovitis)?

1 Sep 2022
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 What is De Quervain’s syndrome (tenosynovitis)?

Today we spend most of our days with smartphone and PC.

Such devices make our lives much more comfortable by keeping us connected through

online with our friends and families to rest of the world.

However, over-using smartphone devices implies much stress on the wrist

and inflames the tendons leading to the thumb and wrist,

which can lead to a disease called ‘De Quervain’s syndrome (tenosynovitis)’.

De Quervain’s syndrome (tenosynovitis)

Tenosynovitis refers to the tendon that connects the thumb and the wrist and a thin membrane

that surrounds it. When you move your wrist, your muscles move in the tendons.

Excessive use of muscles and joints can cause inflammation of the tendons or synovial fluid,

causing the wrist to become red, swollen, and painful.

Tenosynovitis is a disease that occurs due to various reasons.

Excessive use of PC or smartphone

Excessive use of wrist (over stressed)

Injury from external impact

Weaken musculoskeletal after giving birth


Inflammation and swollen around the wrist area 

Feeling pain when using your hand or wrist

Feeling discomfort when moving the wrist

Feeling pain when you press the wrist tendon area

Tenosynovitis self check-up

Make a fist with your thumb inward, then bend your wrist down. At this time,

if there is pain, you may suspect wrist tendonitis.

How to prevent Tenosynovitis

First, massage and stretch the joints for at least 10 minutes a day. It is recommended to do enough stretches to increase the flexibility of your wrist joint. 

Second, apply ice packs when you feel the heat on your wrists. 

Third, reduce the time using smartphone or PC.

Lastly, take adequate rest without using your hands.

How to Stretch your wrists?

Extend one hand forward and pull back and forth while applying resistance with the other hand.

Rotate both wrists clockwise and counterclockwise.

In addition, you can also use the wrist strap or taping for temporary solutions

Rebless can perform lumbar, lateral deviaton, wrist extension, and wrist flexion angle movements, providing a support on preventing and rehabilitating from the Tenosynovitis.

Keep yourself healthy with rebless.

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