What is knee degenerative arthritis?

29 Sep 2022
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What is knee degenerative arthritis?

throbbing knees, degenerative arthritis

degenerative arthritis is Damage to or degenerative changes in the cartilage

that protects joints It is a joint disease that causes inflammation and pain due to damage

to bones and ligaments. bone to bone There may be a whistling sound and may be accompanied

by strong pain.

rainy days and Arthritis related?

Rainy or cloudy weather results in higher humidity and lower atmospheric pressure.

As the difference between the external air pressure and the intra-articular pressure occurs,

the tissues within the joint expand, and the ligaments, muscles, and nerves It compresses,

irritates, and causes joint pain.

In the early stages of degenerative arthritis, Middle Ages,

according to the end The pain intensifies .

Early : minor cartilage damage, There is some pain when climbin g stairs.

Intermediate stage : a state in which bone protrusions grow as cartilage and bones begin to wear away,

Knee swelling for no reason or pain when changing positions.

End stage : bone-to- bone collision due to cartilage damage , severe pain when walking,

inability to sleep, and sometimes changing the shape of the legs to an O -shape .

Self-diagnosis check list for osteoarthritis

1. Pain when going up and down stairs.

2. Pain when getting up from a squat .

3. The pain is worse at night than during the day.

4. In severe cases, the leg is transformed into an O leg.

5. You feel swelling in your knee.

6. My knee hurts when I start walking, but the pain is relieved as I walk.

If any of the above apply to you, you may have osteoarthritis .

There are two main causes of osteoarthritis.


It is a very common disease, with 72% of people over 80 years of age having arthritis

of cartilage accumulated over a long period of time The main causes are consumption

and changes in the musculoskeletal system due to use.

Cartilage, which naturally deteriorates with age, leads to arthritis.

bad lifestyle

overweight, If you frequently lift heavy objects, If you stand for a long time,

Lifestyle habits that put a lot of strain on the knee, such as incorrect posture,

can damage cartilage and occur regardless of age. It becomes an easy disease.

How to prevent degenerative arthritis

1. maintain a normal weight

2. Avoid overloading your knees by wearing comfortable shoes

3. maintain proper body temperature

4. Combined exercise to develop knee strength exercise

Ribless, which helps the recovery of degenerative arthritis,

helps in early knee rehabilitation.

knee Seated and supine positions of flexion/extension exercises are possible.

Keep your knees healthy through early diagnosis and appropriate rehabilitation exercises .

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