What is plantar fasciitis ?

20 Oct 2022
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What is plantar fasciitis ?

The first step you take when you wake up in the morning How are you?

If you often feel pain in your heels and soles of your feet when you take

your first steps in the morning, you may have plantar fasciitis.

plantar fasciitis is It is a disease that causes pain in the sole of the foot,

which absorbs shock and distributes the weight on the foot.

It is a disease that causes inflammation of the fascia .

Plantar fasciitis is caused by a short Achilles tendon or Flat feet are also a common disease.

However, exercise shoes, related to lifestyle Because it is so common, it can happen to people of all ages.

Causes of plantar fasciitis

Exercise : Excessive impact to the sole of the foot due to rapid exercise

Lifestyle : increased fatigue of the feet due to overweight, such as obesity; wrong gait

Shoes : low heel flat shoes, sandal, Slippers Shoes that increase foot fatigue

Self-diagnosis of plantar fasciitis CHECK LIST

1. The pain is most severe when you wake up in the morning and take your first steps.

2. Pain appears when standing on the heel.

3. The pain subsides over time, but the pain of tearing the sole of the foot repeats after that.

4. I have pain in the bottom of the foot and pain in the inside of the heel.

5. The pain starts when you walk for a long time.

If any of the above apply, You suspect plantar fasciitis .

For plantar fasciitis , it is recommended to avoid walking for a long time .

swimming, Mix it with exercises that do not often walk your feet, such as indoor cycling.

When walking, you should wear suitable heeled, thick-soled, non-soft shoes.

If you have gained more weight than before, it is recommended to maintain an appropriate

weight with moderate exercise.

prevent plantar fasciitis : Frequent stretching to avoid muscle shock

It is recommended to develop lifestyle habits that relieve foot fatigue, such as foot baths and massages.

It is also important to exercise the ankle frequently and to keep the muscles of the ankle flexible.

Libles is It also helps to exercise the ankle to prevent plantar fasciitis .

ankle Stretching exercises can be done either lying down or sitting.

Early diagnosis and appropriate rehabilitation exercise Keep your feet healthy!

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