rebless aims to provide the best rehabilitation exercise experience for

every patient. We offer many customizable options. We have arranged

resistance and assistance levels into 10 different levels based of the

amount of force. Please consult with your clinician prior to setting your

assistance and resistance levels. The clinician will be able to determine

the appropriate level for your condition to prevent injury and assist in

your rehabilitation.

rebless allows for increased productivity by allowing therapists to

see other patients that are in need of more skilled care, while

having more acute patients on rebless at the same time.

Ultimately, this results in being able to bill for a double or triple

treatment session (depending on the nature of the clinic and their

scheduling guidelines), leading to increased revenue.

The device does have sensors for spasticity. The device will freeze in

the position that spasticity is detected and transmit a long beeping



rebless is not a traditional CPM machine. In addition to providing

continuous passive motion, rebless also provides active assisted range

of motion, as well as resisted exercise.

There are two ways to operate

rebless : Smartphone app and Remote

control. The rebless app can be downloaded from the Google play store

or Apple App Store for free. The remote controller can be purchased

separately for $104/unit.

rebless is a robotic, exercise therapy device for both upper and lower 

extremities, providing motion to the elbow, wrist, ankle, and knee joints.

rebless is a perfect solution for patients who suffer from neurological

and/or musculoskeletal conditions. Please, consult with your clinician

before you start using the device.

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